How the Story Ends


Two months after our engagement in FitzRoy, Argentina, and one month after our return to our home base, we say “I do,” encircled by our families and besties, feet rooted in a place that carries so much meaning and significance to us.

This is how our story ends, the most unexpected yet completely natural conclusion to circumnavigating the globe, leading our lives by intuition, love and intention the guiding lights, together and ready for the adventure that marriage brings.

Exiting out of a journey of the earth to a pilgrimage into two hearts joined, firey spark heaving large to encompass those who stand with us, present and symbolic, we join hands and make a plan to work together, the promise and commitment of matrimony as exciting and tumultuous and breath-taking as the trip from which we emerge.

Today, we come together to celebrate the essential, our desire to build something together, eager to engage in the rest of our lives together.

In a month, we depart for a whole new venture, newlyweds looking to harvest relationship and soil and set up the building blocks for healthy connection to selves, community, planet. Tree and Leaf Farm in Virginia whispers our names and invites us to try on this hands-in-the-dirt, proverbial and real, life, a playground for another dream, visions of a natural respite for those far and near, complete with garden, inn, farm-to-table dining and whatever else we conjure up, from beer-making courses to meditation labyrinth.

One of my friends predicts that I cannot possibly know what this round-the-world trip brings, and indeed, what I forecast to be the outcome barely holds a candle to where I stand now, poised to take on a much grander and instinctive road than the path I trudge before.

With that, I thank you in sharing in our adventure and in being such patient readers. Who knows what the future holds … đŸ™‚













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One thought on “How the Story Ends

  1. Alain van Doosselaere on said:

    Sad to realize that this is the end of the adventure but it was a thrill all along. Thanks to you Gwendoline and all the best in your new endeavor.

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