I’ve had a passport since I was a toddler and have logged considerable mileage flying between continents to maintain ties with my heritage. Technically, I’m a Belgian-American blond-haired, green-eyed, short-ish woman. But, I’ve always found labels like that very … conflicting and limiting.

Instead, I prefer to think of myself as an active observer and listener. I tend to live from a place of contemplation and consideration, looking to understand the “why” behind someone’s or someplace’s raison et façon d’être.

I’m a relativist, and I’ve seen my own conceptual worldview change drastically over the years. If I could slip in your skin and borrow your eyeballs for a day – just for a sneak peek at what it’s like to live and understand life from your perspective – I would. Woman holding camera

I prefer the big picture and love to dabble in the theoretical, the philosophical. All of this, however, tempered by the practical, tangible tidbits that make life real, sensational, immediate.

Being an observer is why I always have a camera in hand … to be able to revisit an experience, a memory, a moment, hopefully through a wiser lens.

Or, maybe it’s because Alzheimer’s runs in my family and I’m terrified that unless I document the minutiae that makes up life, it’s going to pass me by.

Time will tell …

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