Why in the world am I doing this?

I turned 30 and was stupefied by how quickly the 20s passed. I got tired of telling people that I had these international ambitions but never moving beyond wishful thinking.

I want my worldview turned on its head a bazillion-and-one ways. I want my eyes blown open. I want to see how other people live, think, breath, and orient themselves in the world. I want to see some really cool shit. I want to share in the world’s miseries and joys.

I want to better understand how it is elsewhere so that I can undertake an intelligible, relevant, and holistic discussion on what our unalienable rights should be – human rights, animal rights, environmental rights – so that we may live from a place of empowerment, compassion, and respect for all beings and places.

I want to shake things up in my life. I want more direction, passion, clarity, reflection, and introspection.

I want to really know me. I want to know where my heart’s desires begin and where social pressures and conventions encroach.

I want to honor my nomadic spirit and stop trying to stuff and silence it in the urbanite body it inhabits, ensuring a path to bitterness and resentment.

I want to make my dream a reality. I want to banish my fears, hesitations, and regrets.

I want exhilaration.

I want to be.

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