Full Circle: Colorado


I see the welcome sign to Colorful Colorado, and my eyes tear up.


Here it is–round the world finally makes it back to the starting point, Denver, CO only a handful of hours away. How surreal it feels, knowing this little body’s circumnavigated the globe, and now, I return to Point A engaged and reunited with my puppy and kitty.

Sweetness, this wonderful, magical world.


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2 thoughts on “Full Circle: Colorado

  1. SAS on said:

    Welcome back to the States and thanks for blogging so that I might live vicariously through you. I’m guessing that although puppy and kitty are happy to see you too –they’re most likely still a bit pissed at you for leaving for so long.

  2. Right now I’m in Japan getting ready to come home to Colorado. It’s sad to leave this amazing place, but we’re fortunate that our home is pretty cool, too. When I get back I’m debating going into journalism or international affairs at CU Boulder. Do you have any recommendations based on your experience at CU?

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