Adios, Sud America!


Hasta luego, South America!

You woo us with your fabulous natural wonders, your amazing people, the diversity of entertainment and things to discover, one-a-kind landscapes like Torres del Paine and FitzRoy and Tierre del Fuego, and really, we explore only a fraction of your wonders and marvels, because, well, you are a continent, and continents simply take time to wander.

You, South America, give us the gift of richness and depth and awakening, the wild, wild world a pleasant and riveting extension of what your Northern counterpart boasts. You are the culmination of all the other continents I travel–you bridge the soulfulness of Asia, the raw beauty of Africa, the familial groundings of Europe, all three coming into this wonderful pinnacle of playfulness, delight, and sizzle.

In short, you are the most perfect backdrop to my love and I’s happiest rekindling and nights under bright, starry skies, the place where mountain majesties play in us coming back together and taking a unified step towards the future. You hold a promise for tomorrow–in how you imagine your country’s evolution and in how you wrangle past hurdles to the ground with fierce determination to rise beyond brutal histories and atrocities, history written today–and it is this energy that cups us and tips us towards a whole lifetime of creation.

From the bottom of our hearts, South America, muchas, muchas gracias from the gringos. Te amo.

We’ll be back.


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One thought on “Adios, Sud America!

  1. Alain van Doosselaere on said:

    Tu ne dois pas être triste mais tres fiere de ce que tu as accompli. Triste parce que l’ aventure se termine, bien sur, mais tu en ressors tellement plus forte et complete que cela te permettra maintenant de realiser d’ autres reves et projets avec une connaissance de toi-meme, de la vie et des gens tellement plus approfondie. Rejouis toi d’ avoir fait ce parcours. Tu as le droit d’ etre tres fiere. Nous le sommes de toutes facons.

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