If you trace the Cusco steps uphill, they eventually lead to Saksaywaman, another site of renowned Incan ruins, and this morning, Graham and I test our luck and decide to walk the fortified wall until someone either stops us or asks us to fork over an entrance fee.

The tell-tale Incan walls stands tall and strong, huge rectangles of stone growing smaller as they gain height, a retaining wall for a massive forested field. How commonplace, it almost seems, to be in a place where such well-preserved archaeology weaves in-and-out of colonial legacy and into contemporary life of cracked stucco and terra cotta roofs.

Totally price-blocked, we veer right across the bridge and over the hill to a melt-in-your-heart moment: baby llama!!

OMG, Graham and I barely contain ourselves with the cuteness, sweeping white eyelashes as it glances at us and at its mama, white tufts of poodle-slash-sheep fur so precious, I have an overwhelming urge to fluff it out even more and turn this baby llama into a mega poof.

No, no, maintaining self control.

And, we carry on.












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