Machu Picchu: Agua and Adios


A trail of water tickles downslope in well-worn irrigation canals as we shuffle opposite its path, our Machu Picchu excursion drawing to a close, and seeing the intricate trelliswork of basins, pools and gullets neatly and delicately incorporated into the existing structures, we find our experience here complete, down to the final detail, the faint sound of a gurgling spring breathing life eternal throughout this ancient town.

Sheltered from the sun in fronded alcove, I press my back against the wall, trying to feel and download and absorb this place and its history, imprinting its memory into my being, and even feeling the cool cobbles against me, I am incredulous, half disbelieving that this is Machu Picchu and that it is as amazing as I could have hoped it to be.

They say the a Incas selected this site to be their flagship astrological site, destined to be the height of thought and practice during their heyday, astrological and agricultural philosophizing and experimenting done here, and now that we stand here, it seems a natural and obvious choice for psychic and pragmatic explorations–this place almost buzzes with vibe, and no, it’s not because it crawls with thousands of tourists.

One more photo, one more marvel, one more wall hug, and we must leave this sacred site, too elated at the opportunity to even step foot here to regret the end of our day.

Especially since, as we turn to leave, we spy a chinchilla cooing high above the water fountain, super soft fur the grey-brown color of the stones, rabbit-like form tucked into a ball of total cuteness.

Downhill our bus drives, and wow, my cheeks hurt from perma-grin.





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