Graham plunges into the Gordo like a man starved for morning sustenance, which, in essence, he is, because any red-blooded American asked to begin day after day after day with little more than flatbread, butter and sugary jam is bound for famine.

If there is one meal, a genre, rather, that North Americans do exceptionally well, it is brunch, an ode to a glorious start that sends any given Sunday off on the right foot. Yes, its name might indicate a meshing of breakfast and lunch, but I assure you it is more complex and full-bodied than simply pairing morning toast with lunchtime meats.

And, we have, legitimately, been denied one of life’s simple pleasures for far too long.

So, when I open the Cusco tourist map after our 6 AM arrival and after freshening up at our totally decent hotel and see “Big breakfast ALL DAY” for one of the featured restaurants, I know it’s where a dutiful girlfriend must take her brunch-deprived man.

And, it is the bomb.

Jack’s is most definitely a dishing up of hipster Americana in this Incan stronghold, and we are lucky to slide into a two-top before the brunch rush commences–every day is Sunday here, and judging by the eyes-rolling-in-backs-of-people’s-brains, the food is top-notch.

Oh, my, I almost lose my britches when I see the menu, for this is inspired brunch fare, American favorites held in celebration by local ingredients, pancakes, eggs Benedict, more eggs, waffles, granolas, yogurts, espresso coffees, fruit smoothies.

Graham and I guess each other’s top picks and both come out winners, me certain that he will fall for the breakfast slam of eggs, toast, tomato, bacon, sausage, potato, beans, he right on with my penchant for pancakes, all but drooling for the heavenly description of stack smeared with mango cream (such a thing exists!?!) and mangoes, honey maple syrup drizzle on top.

This might just be our best idea yet.

And, yes, when it comes, we eat every last bite.





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