Liveability: Chile @ 80


Chile rocks with more natural wonders than we know what to do with and with some of the nicest, most approachable people around. Nevermind that the Chilean accent takes some getting used to, this country ranks in @ 80.

Vibe/Ambiance: 4
Super chill and super approachable, this is place sends a warm welcome to visitors.

Personal Safety: 4
Even walking dimly lit streets in the early morning, we feel alright here. Overall, things are on the up and up personal safety-wise.

Transportation: 4
Between the collectives and cama buses, it is pretty easy getting to and fro this long country. roads are nice, buses comfortable, and pricing, relatively affordable.

Cost of Traveling: 4
The Chilean Peso is strong, and the average price of buses runs roughly $50; albeit, this is for 12 hours of cross-country travel.

Weather: 3
We saw it all: torrential downpours, the driest of dry, tropical breeze …

Diversity: 4
Chile draws an international crowd, a total pleasure for traveling diversity.

Language: 4
Spanish, getting fairly proficient, if only conversationally. Immersion, love it. English, check.

Living Conditions: 4
The standard of living is pretty decent with loads of access to fresh foods, diversity of attractions, housing, and more.

Career Potential: 4
As a whole, it seems the country carries loads of potential in a variety of domains.

Nature/Environment: 5
An outdoorswoman’s paradise. Seriously.

Cuisine: 3
Although there are loads of fresh markets, there seems to be a bit of dearth for fresher types of foods, at least, on the travel circuit. Love, however, the access to sea foods.

Sports/Play: 5
Fitness is for reals, with people running, biking, trekking and more in mountain parks, city outdoors gyms …

Animals/Dog Friendly: 5
Loads of well-fed strays cared for by the community at large. Impressive.

Family Focus: 4
Friends and family seem to be of primal importance here.

Women: 5
Overall, it feels like women enjoy equal footing with men educationally, socially, and (maybe?) professionally, too.

Art/Culture: 4
We delved less into this part of the country’s legacy, but there are vineyards …

Communication Technology: 5

Exploration: 5

People: 5
People we met were outgoing, friendly, helpful, and overall, pleasant to be around.

Overall: 4
I’ve always dreamt of living in Santiago, access to sea and ski, but curiously, it is the one town we miss on our Chilean venture, opting for Viña instead … which, admittedly, was pretty stellar. I could live here. Spanish immersion program, maybe?

Plus, their bank notes are just so pretty.


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