La Cerveceria


The first spoonful of locro puts us over the edge, this hearty Andean stew exactly what the doctor orders after our Fitz Roy circuit, a slow-cooked stew of meaty, potatoy, vegetable, tomato heaven, delectable perfection.

I think we eat this dish with eyes half-closed, so divine the taste, irreproduceable, if that’s even a word, simply because its produce hails from here, Andean potatoes and squash not privy to the international food chain, and for that, I am sweetly sad.

La Cerveceria may fall short of its claim, its beer a dismal cry from the artisanal depth of flavor we crave, but this evening soup more than makes up for the gap in beverage satiety, and when the unfortunate end to our bowls arrive, I miss the locro already.







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One thought on “La Cerveceria

  1. I vowed to catch up and finish your blog before I gave you the biggest longest hug. At 2:00 am, on April 13… I am caught up!!! I traveled to to Asia, Africa, Europe, and to South America all in the past three weeks!!! Thank you GWENDOLINE for the fabulous read! This blog has been a glimpse into your soul…one where people get to read your beauty…and see so much of you that we love and already know about you…but also a chance to know you and understand you deeper.. Can’t wait to read the final chapters to your journey. But more importantly I CAN NOT wait to see your face soon!!!!!!!!!

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