Torres del Paine: Italiano to Cuernos


Back to Italiano, we rummage through the piles of packs to our own, the guard post nothing more than the official keeper of gear as trekkers slough off the heavy for ease of movement.

Just another 5.5 km to add to our day, something the sign posts swear should take only 2.5 hours, easy going, most definitely, and for the next few hours, we slow go it downhill through shrub-enclosed trail, a small creek at times, my feet just a touch sore given that today is Day 4 of our backpacking trip.

Cuernos, our next campsite, rests on the water, the opposite of Italiano’s forested cover, and on our way, we pass by the most gorgeous of coves–a black and white marbled beach.

Fabulous, this area, the perfect place to enjoy the evening air and cool off my tired dogs, a dip into glacial water so cold I can barely stand to submerge my toes, and side by side, we grow from two to six, the American foursome now our beach companions, and my, oh, my, how humor is cultural, for we bust into hysterics at the order of 1 billion white pebbles, please, and a matching order of black ones.









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