Thank heavens for FaceTime, Skype, Tango, iChat, but no amount of virtual talk sessions makes up for real time with my pals.

Seventh months down traveling around globe, and I miss my friends.

I miss their cheeks and their hugs and the space they take up on my couch.

Sure, we celebrate birthdays through cyberspace, high-five via the FaceBook, send email tomes the likes of which to fill up the notebooks teenage girls in the early 90s circulate in middle school, but …

It’s just not quite the same.

Once upon a time, I daydream about being on the go, living here and there and everywhere, racking up sky miles and conversational languages, but now, that just sounds exhilaratingly exhausting. Miles are easy come, easy go, but friends, not so much.

Unfortunately–or, maybe, fortunately–for me, I keep ratcheting up some seriously cool peeps everywhere I live and play, and to echo the Riddler, I wish I could wrap my arms around them all and whisk them away to a central location, say, either a Rocky Mountain high or Caribbean paradise.

Because, dispersal is bittersweet, and now that I’m the one blowing in the wind like a fluttering dandelion, I want to unwish my Mary Poppins fantasies from childhood.

To my friends, I miss your sweet faces.















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3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Nina on said:

    Aww, we miss you too! While I rarely comment here, Justin and I always read your blog posts, and while we are happy you’re enjoying your travels, we’d rather have you two back here;)

  2. Oh and we miss you so dearly!!!!!! You are such a special and best friend in my life!!! I love you so much and I am so proud of all you have done on this trip!!!!! I carry you in my heart and can’t wait for a big big hug!!!!

  3. katie mothersell on said:

    Honored to be among the ranks and proud to call you the same! Miss you, love you, cheering for you. Just a few more weeks to go… reunion time is long due!

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