Laguna Negre


Graham’s thumb barely protrudes from his side, but that’s all it takes for homelady to slam on her brakes, open her car door, and ask us if we want a ride.

Yes, please, we will gladly enter the warmth of your vehicle for a jaunt into town.

Because, we, dear friends, are on a mission to do take advantage of being tourists, which means using the free slips of hot cocoa the boat people hand out for a big belly warm up.

First, though, is our hitch hiking experience, which, although mini in the grand scheme of distances, is pretty sweet and immediate. We hear South America is a hitch-hikers paradise, especially for getting south into Patagonia, and so now, we test and try.

Success, and our kind driver lady takes us all the way into town, a perfect drop off for hot chocolate and a local cookie the likes of a marshmallow puff meets a twix meets a brownie–chocolate base, dulce de leche, marshmallows, all covered in crispy dark chocolate.

Dulce de leche, I see you working your magic on me already.

Gracias, Laguna Negra.

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