Meat Stew

The secret to awesome beef stew is to bury one’s ingredients for a day or two.


That’s what we do in this tundra ground to keep our goods, well, good, ‘cuz there is no refrigerator and there is no way on hell I am letting $15 worth of ingredients go to waste simply because we opt to see penguins instead of cook.

No, no, these veggies and meat go to the ground, and by the time cooking rolls around, they are cool to the touch, almost frozen.

Chop, chop, chop, match, gas, and poof! the stew is on.

Camping cooking is an art form, one that requires re-imagining ingredients, seasoning, salt, water and using what you got, which, often times, means very little compared to the arsenal back home. No oil? No problem! Turn a sauté into a stew, and presto, everyone’s happy and the meal’s half the fat.

Mmmm, mmmm, this meaty goodness smells scrumptiously good, a total treat, one that, come dinner time, catches its fair share of envious glances as our fellow campmates eat their umpteenth bowl of pasta with canned tomato sauce.





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