Catamaran Tour: Lighthouse


We pass by Puerto Williams, Chile’s claim to the “end of the world,” for even though Ushuaia and Puerto Williams are, for all intents and purposes, basically neighboring towns, they are $115 apart in transportation, $300 if you consider the fact that after you arrive to Puerto Williams–itself really just the crowning sailor’s hub on Isla Navarino, the opposite of Ushuaia’s cruise ship glitz and kitsch–one typically needs to get back, either by boat ride north to Punta Arenas, Chile, or by return ferry to Ushuaia.

Alas, as much as we dream of doing the Dientes de Navarino five-day backpacking circuit and taking the Navimag ferry through Chile’s fjords–the end of Chile is, after all, just a collection of islands, an archipelago, and while sailing through them for five days at the no-frills price of $300 is actually quite reasonable, it’s still $300–we’re going to have to content ourselves with visiting just one of the ends of the world.

Hence today’s boat ride, our consolation prize for being price-conscious and for something to do in this dreary greyness. Because, after all, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than cruising through the Beagle Cannel staring at kick-ass scenery?







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