Plaza Hollanda and Plaza Sicilla


Gardens of all shapes and sizes dot Buenos Aires, and on a beautiful summer day, breezy and delightful at 70°F, outdoors is where we want to be, especially since today is our only day to explore this lovely town.

We stumble into this perfectly manicured park on our hunt for a public toilet, pleased to stumble into this sliver of Greco-Roman English Garden, every corner intentionally designed and kept, overflowing flowering bushes arcs around benches, pool after pool of light turquoise water drawing us in, Venetian bridges rainbows over the creek.

Whistle, whistle, the sound of the garden umpire disrupts our idyllic afternoon, shattering the silence with absurdity, for each hint of a trespass beyond warrants a slap of the ear drums, blade of grass not to be disrupted by human presence, most certainly not a footstep, and we see now the high price of perfection translates to, “do not touch, do not interact, for nature is to be kept and held in regard.”

No matter, for we are on a sandstone bench framed in jasmine scent, content to be happy observers.








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