Liveability: Brazil @ 78


Like with Paris and France, all I can really comment on is São Paulo, barely a glimpse into Brazilian culture, so unfair as it is, I’m going to judge, anyways, Brazil coming in at @ 78.

Vibe/Ambiance: 4
The culture and ethnic diversity is massive, and here, it really does feel like a melting pot if people and cultures, mostly convivial, celebratory in their multiple origins and perspectives.

Personal Safety: 3
Not that I ever felt threatened here, but it’s nice to be in the company of a man, especially in the less-than-secure zones like the metro and streets at nightfall.

Transportation: 4
Pretty cool, the SP metro, although this metropolis is so massive, it’s tough to cover all the various arteries. Navigating the city buses, though, was a bit complicated, especially since for my sensibilities, things seem not very well indicated.

Cost of Traveling: 4
The R$ is double the US$, and prices in Brazil are pretty close to US prices. All in all, I found it to be pretty expensive country to travel–not Japan crazy, but definitely not bargain.

Weather: 3
Rain, rain, go away.

Diversity: 5

Language: 3
Portuguese, fail. English, check.

Living Conditions: 4
Based on what I saw in my cousin’s place, it seems like it could be pretty sweet for those lucky enough to afford the pool-gym-wifi-garage towers.

Career Potential: 3
Not sure.

Nature/Environment: 3
As beautiful as this city of lovers is and for as many gardens and parks as it has, it falls short of anything unplanned and truly wild.

Cuisine: 3
Vegetables, I like them, and in this meat- and bread-haven, it’s kinda tough getting the balanced meal I seek traveling.

Sports/Play: 3
Lots of active people, it seems, but not sure where they play, other than the gym and the park.

Animals/Dog Friendly: 5
The presence of Golden Retrieves rivals that of what I’ve seen in the US.

Family Focus: 4
People and their crews were most definitely out and about for coffees, food, strolls …

Women: 5
Here, women are celebrated for their booties, their curves, their sensuality, a total affront to womanhood in the US and Europe, rather refreshing, actually.

Art/Culture: 5
Shakin’, baby.

Communication Technology: 5

Exploration: 5

People: 5
People we met were outgoing, friendly, helpful, and overall, pleasant to be around.

Overall: 2
Even though SP surprised me with its life and vivacity, I couldn’t see myself living here. It’s too big and too industrial, me thinks, but what I am curious to do is come back and explore this massive country–the Amazon, Rio for Carnaval with friends, the playas, and drink the pineapple shakes my aunt swears by.

I would have loved to have better explored Brazil this go around, and were it not for the call of Patagonia, I think we would have. But, alas, one can’t do it all.

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