H3 Hotel Paulista


Over our hotel’s better-than-average buffet breakfast of hot breads and sweet breads and meats and cheeses and fruits and divine coffee, we wax philosophical on hegemonic control and US Imperialism and whatnot.

All because this morning, instead of Brazilian or South American music, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift serenade our morning meal.

And, frankly, we could also very well be in Miami instead of São Paulo, H3’s decor so similar to my parents’ residence along the Hallandale beach with its greys and wicker and white.

But, no, we are in São Paulo, and like the rest of the world, US music and films dominate, the half-century result of WWII policies woven into European reconstruction to assure US hegemony in the form of cultural and psychological imperialism and control, a force, I think, more powerful than military and financial might, for now, the world is most familiar with our country over any other, turning its new antennas to ours.

Which, of course, leads us to ponder if the force extending US culture outside its borders is the same one that keeps its citizens also turned inwardly, isolationists comparatively speaking. If, after all, the flow of attention is unidirectional, perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the closer to the target one is located, the more myopic one’s vision.

Curiouser and curiouser.


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