São Paulo

São Paulo is a dingy, corporate San Francisco, pastel and hilly, every outing an urban hike, Art Deco walls tagged in the unlikeliest of places with screams of black and red and orange spray paint.

Graham and I walk, walk, walk from bus stop to hotel and back out again, bellies raging for real food, and now, directed to Paulista by our hotel concierge, we wonder where exactly on this grand boulevard of skyscrapers she intends for us to dine, for truly, we find nothing edible in this concrete hallway.

Lo and behold, we somehow manage to retrace our breadcrumbs back to the bus stop and into the suits’ hidden gems of lunch time breaks, a row of restaurants and bars and whatnot, complete with Subway and pizza and Italian and a little buffet with Brazilian specialties we should have ignored, for, truth be told, it’s delicacies leave much to desire in affordability and taste.

No matter, for dinner follows suit in a few short hours, and this time, we go where the young folks go, the bohemians, and at Choperia Opção, at least, we find decent brews to last us through a night of talk, talk, talk.













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