Liveability: Switzerland @ 91


Switzerland currently takes the cake for liveability, itself a haven for french-smacking, English-swearing, international mountain lovers like me.

And, to boot, I happen to know a handful of rad people.

Vibe/Ambiance: 4
Switzerland is an outdoor enthusiasts dream, and overall, I find the ambiance totally killer, engaging, fun, social, and generally, pretty dang cool.

Personal Safety: 5
Apparently personal attacks are on the rise, but I have yet to have a case of the heebie jeebies in this country.

Transportation: 5
For the most part, this country is pretty well connected.

Cost of Traveling: 2
Damn, does it cost a small fortune to get around! A one-way trip to the mountains is roughly $50, filling up the tank on an SUV is over $150, and holy cow, it’s no wonder people self-propel themselves.

Weather: 4
Bluebird skies, above-freezing city temps in the winter, enough precipitation to keep the snow sports alive and mountains green in the summer, hot summers for a lakeside jump … pretty much perfect.

Diversity: 4
Geneva’s pretty international, although I do wonder how much different nationalities intermingle.

Language: 5
French, check. English, check. German, not so much, but I hear English can sometimes suffice.

Living Conditions: 5
Most everyone makes a living wage and enjoys the perks of quality food, recreation, and ambiance.

Career Potential: 3
Not sure.

Nature/Environment: 5
Wide fields of “uncivilized” land, check.

Cuisine: 5
The Swiss excel at their staples and noteworthy products, and the gourmet / bio / locavore culture is alive and well.

Sports/Play: 5
Mountains. Lake. Perfect.

Animals/Dog Friendly: 5
Seems pretty open to the four legged beast.

Family Focus: 4
Not sure, but I think so?

Women: 5
I mean, all things relative, I think women here have a pretty sweet spot in terms of equality.

Art/Culture: 5
Between Lausanne, Geneva, Bern, Basel, Switzerland’s got it covered.

Communication Technology: 5

Exploration: 5

People: 5
For the most part, I find people nice, engaging, curious, interested, and generally speaking, there seems to be an even mix of solidarity and independence, conservativism and liberalism.

Overall: 5
I wanted to spend three weeks in the Swiss winter to see if my summer love of this country could endure the trials of cold and ice, and indeed, love prevails. Here, I find again what makes my heart soar–mountain play, beautiful countrysides, easy transportation, transplanted peoples of every corner of the globe, thriving international culture, educated citizenry, outdoorsy folks, openness, interest, understanding of the essential.

It’s a win-win, really, and so now, just need to make it happen.

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