Eating It


It’s official.

Given my performance in the stream crossing challenge, I am officially downgraded from decent skier to total novice, completely incompetent in my ability to traverse a minor offender, even going so far as to fail even more miserably in a left-leg-over-right twist, one I know I know how to do.

I am retarded.

And, it’s freaking hysterical, a train wreck.

It doesn’t help that Nathalie doubles over with tears of laughter pouring down her face, and for the life of me, I can’t decide whether I am going to piss my pants or fall into the ravine to drown my sorrows, or both, as for an interminable moment, I think I might just be stuck in beginner purgatory, halfway to green groomer and double-black-diamond-wall-of-death.









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2 thoughts on “Eating It

  1. Adorable!❤️

  2. nathalie muller on said:

    J’y suis passé samedi dernier et j’en rigolait encore en passant le ruisseau! Merci Gwendoline pour ces meirveilleux moments!

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