Birthday Cakes


This afternoon, I play Betty Crocker, and Laurence is my faithful sidekick, licking clean the spatula of any and all remnants of chocolat au lait, bien sur.

I find my inspiration from Chocolate and Zucchini, a cuisine blog for people like me, Belgo-Americans in search of recipes that pass the metric and standard bar, complete with an ingredient list found on both sides of the pond.

And, presto, the gateau au chocolat promises sweet victory, a bomb of chocolate, butter, and sugar, and I hardly believe Laurence when she tells me her family will eat the plate clean tonight.

The galette des rois I make as a personal challenge, a gateau for epiphany, especially for this weekend that is my birthday weekend, and while I find the recipe surprisingly easy, I find the surprise of only 1 pie crust easily a nuisance. I overcome, however, and like the three kings, I reach my goal of the sweet baby Jesus–here, in the form of a button–because we must absolutely have a fève to mark the king and queen of the evening.

Insert button into the crème d’amandes–mind you, not frangipane here, a mixture of crème d’amandes and crème pâtissière some people find distasteful–and call me Betty, ‘cuz I think I’m done.




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