New Year Eve’s, Belgian Style


We are dancing Gangnam, Belgian-style, followed up by a steady round of MJ and Madonna, total musts, in my opinion, for any house party turned dance party.

It is New Year’sEve, and per the Spanish tradition, that means eating one grape a second, each time a wish, as you count down, something we all do post-raclette dinner under Christina’s tutelage. Tomorrow is a New Year, and I am not about to forgo twelve potential wishes because I’ve eaten too much cheese, potatoes, salad, and sausages.

Olivier, Kei, Bouboule–Olivier’s other cousin, a fake cousin for me, a partner in crime when we were all young and rambunctious and forced out of the Ventadour apartment in search for, well, mischief–and I hunker down with Olivier’s university buddies at their house in Antwerp, an all-you can party feast for €30, champagne and rum and cokes incuded, thanks to our uber gracious hosts Bernard and Christina.

We are thirteen deep–in addition to our hosts and my entourage, we have Ellen and Nick who live in Geneva, Anne and Yannick, new parents, Sebastien, Nick and Céline–a very lucky number, indeed, and the festivities last until mid-morning. By four AM, I see Kei asleep on the sofa downstairs and march to the spare bedroom upstairs for a few minutes of shut eye, Olivier leading the charge downstairs.

Half an hour later, I awaken for nature’s call and find myself a bed buddy–Kei, it seems, sought horizontal sleep and now joins me in the big bed, a much more comfortable proposition.

Like clockwork and another half an hour later, I rouse again, and this time, I find that we are much cozier in this queen bed, for Olivier joins us, sleeping like a sardine next to his girlfriend, Kei the unwilling monkey in the middle.

How cute, this scene, of waking up to greet the New Year, three deep in bed, all dreary eyed and wrinkled, a walk of shame of the partying kind.

Turns out, I guess, that in proper Belgian fashion, the taxi companies were mute at 5 AM, finally back up and at ’em at 11:30, our wake up hour.

Bonne année, everyone. It’s going to be a kick ass 2013!






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