Isabelle de Bourchgrave Exhibit


Catherine points us to a fabulous exhibit by one of her friends, and Mije, Candice, Papa, and I happily oblige. Unassuming from the outside, the inside is a jewelry box of colors, textures, a master manipulation of raw paper and colors, historical attire made real yet again.

Isabelle de Bourchgrave‘s paper dresses delight and marvel, and I inspect the twists, turns, folds, pleats, dustings, patterns, stamps, and more with the curiosity of a rogue artisan, a craftswoman in wolf clothing.

I want to slip into her robes and dance around like one of King Arthur’s fair maidens.

So marvelous is her work that Isabelle makes master creations for big name hotels, plazas, sets, and more, and we bump into the artist in question, a tuft of curly blond hair as exuberant as her designs.

Perfection, something to savor over vin chaud by la Grande Place, where Candice shares with us her own artistic ambitions, Cojinudo.











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