Liveability: London @ 81


I hearted London with its understated coolness and accessibility. Me gusta.

Vibe/Ambiance: 5
London’s pretty rad.

Personal Safety: 4
Compared to where I came from, London feels like a cradle of comfort personal safety-wise.

Transportation: 5
The Underground. Trains. Buses. Car. Roads. Everything. You. Desire.

Cost of Traveling: 1
The £ is redonkulously pricey.

Weather: 1
And, the weather is shite, I think we all know.

Diversity: 5
Walking Oxford Street was like being in It’s A Small World After All. Amazing.

Language: 5
English all the way.

Living Conditions: 4
Other than the fact that entire families live in flats of 30m square, it’s pretty dang good.

Career Potential: 3
I think London might have suffered a *slight* touch of recession.

Nature/Environment: 3
There are loads of parks and access to “wilder” areas, but it ain’t quite wild.

Cuisine: 5
Unfortunately, British food doesn’t have the best reputation, but there is a plethora of ethnic cuisine here, a real feast for the palate. Truly splendid.

Sports/Play: 3
I believe there are sports clubs and other spiffy, fun things.

Animals/Dog Friendly: 4
Saw a bundle of cute purse dogs…

Family Focus: 3
And, loads of cute kiddos.

Women: 5
London definitely seems like the place for the independent woman, from what I could tell, and I find that terribly cool.

Art/Culture: 5
See diversity.

Communication Technology: 5
London is at the pinnacle of technology and modernity, a European Tokyo.

Exploration: 5
Check. Check. Check.

People: 5
Generally-speaking, I find the Brits accessible, generally jolly, and their self deprecating humor devilishly handsome.

Overall: 5
I *loved* the vibe, here, from the quirky cafes to the nicer burbs to seeing people run all over town to the shopping streets to the afternoon stroll. Not so sure about the weather, but for a handful of years, I think London could be downright bloody awesome.

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