Bear Killer in the House!


I see the long braid out of the corner of my eye, a tell-tale sign that BK is in the area, but once I rush outside, signs of my friend are nowhere to be found.

Save for the abandoned luggage by the door, tags clearly marked, Brittany Kipp.

She’s here! BK is here, and I run like a frantic puppy between the neighbors, ready to wrestle my friend to the ground and lick her face for I’m so happy to see one of my besties on the other side of the ocean, she here to visit her sister up north for the holidays before her husband returns for service in the US. By whatever fate of Mother Nature, BK and I nudge and wiggle our dates and plans just enough to give us a window of time together in this capital city of cities, an overlap of magnificent proportion.

Reunited, I beam from ear to ear, so stoked am I to see her, and plans of doing anything other than holing up in a coffee shop, Café Rouge on High Street, to be exact, fall to the wayside because it’s girlfriend time and that means a long session of talking, talking, talking until our mouths fall off about important things like boys, boys, boys, triathlons, and boys, boys, boys.

Because, in case y’all didn’t know, girlfriends are good for your health, and according to Stanford, one of the best things a woman can do for her health is bond with her ladies. It’s just as important as exercise, releasing the same stabilizing shot of serotonin, and without it ladies, we pucker up like sourpusses. Men, it sounds like, get that dose of deliverance from their women, and we in turn, need it from our gal pals.

Power on, flower power.

Now, if only I could lasso up all my favorite people in the world and put them together on a massive island, I think I’d be one happy cowgirl.






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2 thoughts on “Bear Killer in the House!

  1. Brittany on said:

    Seeing you in London was a major highlight of 2012. I miss you so much. Happy that you are having this amazing experience. . . happier when I see you again. I love you.

  2. So love my ladies!!! Miss you!!!

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