Mahlindza Waterhole


We first spot him across the waterhole, far away on the other side of us.

Within a blink, he’s right beneath us, eyes barely visible over the water, clearly staring at us, the only living things around for a grip.

Loretta and I stop here for a lunch of cheese, tomatoes, and crackers, and ever so frequently, our crocodile visitor comes up for air and gives us the stare down.

I keep looking behind me, half expecting his evil twin to charge us for a two-for-one combo deal, but no, I think he seriously wants what I want–


This croc is a trained croc, as he has most definitely been rewarded for this type of behavior in the past. And, I know this makes me the most horrible person on the planet, but I toss a rusk in his direction, only half believing that my morning snack of choice could be his as well.

Oh yeah, bingo.

Our dinosaur friend is really just a sugar fiend.






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One thought on “Mahlindza Waterhole

  1. Those spider pictures are sick!!!!!

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