Hlane Game Park


Loretta drive to our new digs in time for an evening drive, and settling in, I am smitten with my circular room and view out to the water hole. It’s a bit pricier per night than what I think Loretta tells me on the phone–R75 instead of R340–but I think I might have just heard what I wanted to hear.

Hlane (pronounced Schlayn-e) Royal National Park is North Sea thatch home meets Little House on the Prairie meet Buddhist Retreat Center meets Cape Cod meets South Africa.

After touring the park’s back roads and praying to god Loretta’s polo doesn’t stay stuck in literally a foot of much and mud, I might as well braid my hair and wear a calico dress, ‘cuz I’m Laura Ingalls Wiilder, cooking my paraffin light and serving up a local delicacy of boerewors sausage (venison), creamed corn, salad, rolls, and vino from South Africa’s renowned vineyards.

This is luxury camping like I’ve never seen it, and it brings the whole bath-by-candlelight to a whole new level, one I definitely take advantage of.

Delightful, especially as I slip into my cool, pressed cotton sheets and lull myself to sleep to the sound of lions roaring in the distance.










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