Ithala Game Park


We hear them almost before we see them, two juvenile giraffes whacking each other in the neck, head spinning up, up, up and whhoooooooshhhh! Whhhhhhaaaaaaccckkkkkkk!

I can’t tell of it’s juvenile play or if there’s a smidgen of angst in the repeat neck bangings, but for a solid fifteen minutes, I sit perched in the passenger windowsill watching as the smaller of the two braces himself against his attacker, bobbing and weaving as the assailant sends his neck, accelerated by sheer centrifugal moment, in the other one’s direction.

And, whiff! Totally missed.

Literally in Bill and Anne’s backyard, today is all about the Ithala Game Park, a place that stuns in its lush, hillside twists and turns, its towers of terra cotta rock.

And, it’s animals.

We spend the day in an air conditioned bubble, shielded from the noontime sun, hovering around the park like the Jetsons, paying homage to zebra, waterbuck, raptors, wildebeest, impala, giraffes, dussies, baboon, reebuck, and countless other animals we surely miss.

It’s nice, this day of outdoor play, and maybe one day, I’ll get to actually walk the grounds on my own two feet.











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