Easy wags her tail when she happily slurps her coca cola nipple bottle full of milk, ProNutro and who knows what else. She’s already a wee babe of a wee babe to begin with, as duikers (dyke-ers) are one of the tiniest bucks around, and seeing as how she still suckles, she’s even more precious to begin with.

Every time I see Easy, a totally inappropriate soundtrack blares in my ears–Easy E’s unapologetically unrighteous song about wanting to stick something someplace warm and squishy–which I try to immediately silence as soon as the lyrics reach that bump and grind pitch for it’s total dissonance with the other Easy’s fever pitch prodding into Katrien’s shins for a feeding, please!

Then, just because she’s so darn cute, Easy shakes her tail like pup, happiness registering throughout her body as she downs the bottle like the juiciest shake around.






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