Rhino Alert


Tonight’s moon is a full moon, a crazy moon, and here, it’s a bloodthirsty moon, one that lights up the night sky and brings too many animals to untimely deaths.

It’s the horror moon, one of untold atrocities and heinous acts committed in the name of a quick buck.

And, for the rhino who graced us with his presence at Kruger, it’s a monthly reminder of his impending doom, because according to Africa Geographic, it’s downright scary the rate at which rhinos disappear:

– 210 rhinos killed since May 7, 2012;
– that’s 1.6 rhinos per day;
– and of the 128 arrests made for poaching, 31 were in Kruger.

Rhino poaching has become so widespread, so senseless, that if we continue at this pace, the rhino will be extinct come 2020. Poaching has killed more rhinos this year than the past handful of years combined.

And, you know how this started?

A Vietnamese politician stated that dried rhino horn cured his cancer. A Chinese big wig said it gave him a huge boner.

And now, the Asian market is insatiable, demanding product at any price.

Apparently, the rumor mill has trickled over into lion territory, too, and now that rhino horn is a bit harder to come by, the king of the jungle is being menaced.

So, what can we do?

Raise awareness. Demand to know where your products come from. Vote with your dollars. Teach respect for all living things and for the environment. Donate. Give a voice to the voiceless. Understand how your actions perpetuate cycles of abuse, knowingly or not. Educate yourself on global politics. Take a stand. Know that you can make a difference. Spread love and compassion. Inspire and empower others to be their best selves.

Because, in the end, if a butterfly flaps its wings in Asia, we feel it here, too.

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