King Kong and Princess Maya


King Kong and Princess Maya are our charges for the morning chores, and we bust in to clean up poo and water the plants and disinfect and feed and do a bunch of other nice things for our little monkeys.

Despite being South American and not African, Daktari houses them because like so many of the animals here, someone thought they’d be a good idea for pets, not.

I enter the cage thinking the worst thing that might happen is that King Kong might decide to pee in me with his wee wee-wee–seriously, it’s the size of a tic-tac and his nuts look like miniature chestnuts–the pint-sized monkey shows me he has something else up his sleeve.

Like the turkeys at the Outdoor Learning Center from when I was a kid, he goes for anything that sparkles, and before I know it, this adolescent primate has his mouth firmly planted around the cartilage piercing of my left ear while his elder, Princess Maya, cackles in the background.

Ow, mother-effer!

This was definitely a bad idea.

I shake him off before his tufted face is able to beeline it again for my goods, lure them with papaya into the feeding lot, and finish up the chores.

Midget monkey: 1
Ginormous ape: 0




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