Lama Temple


Never would I have thought that such special splendor resided behind the walls of our neighborhood. The Lama Temple takes the cake for our Beijing experiences.

Human-sized, relatively people-free, and beautifully ornate, this Tibetan Buddhist haven immediately steals my heart. Like some of the shrines we visited in Japan, this temple takes my breath away and resonates deeply.

Once the prince’s palace, its architecture is familiar and layout reflective of the layers of palaces we find at the Forbidden Palace, but its ambiance is unique.

Devotees burn incense and pray at the entrance to the temples, bowing their heads to the Buddhas within. Each room houses rows of Buddhas, some simple in their gilded elegance, others downright intimidating in their painted fury.

Dianne and I audibly gasp once we get to the final temple. Inside, we find the 18 meter tall sandalwood Buddha, his feet planted firmly before us, body tall and majestic.







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